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Boss Contact's mission is to increase the efficiency of the buying and selling process by providing a collaborative database of business contacts. Salespeople, marketers and recruiters can segment and find the right business contacts with accurate data. Companies can provide up-to-date information about their business and gain visibility. Individual business professionals can take control of your information by setting their communication preferences and providing instructions on how they would like to be contacted.

Key uses of the directory by members include:

  • Close new deals
  • Professional connections
  • Sell products or services
  • Buy products or services
  • Prospecting customers
  • Dissemination and research marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Be found by the biggest headhunters on the market
  • Job search (find the hiring manager instead of sending your resume to a general company email)
  • Troubleshooting support with a product or service

In addition, it is important to know that:

  • Boss Contact is a Business to Business database. Non-business information (such as phone and personal email) is NOT allowed.
  • Only your business card is at Boss Contact.

All this information can be verified in our Privacy Terms.

To find out if you are in our directory, enter your business email address in the field below.
We will check our directory and send you an email, the email will contain:

  • Confirmation that your business card is in our database
  • A link to remove your contact (if your business card is on our platform and for some reason you want to leave our community)

Boss Contact is the largest database of professionals and companies with complete information for customer prospecting and lead generation.

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