General Questions

What is BossContact?

BossContact is an interactive database maintained by our unique community where you can instantly access accurate, up-to-date business contact information from millions of professionals and businesses. Whether you have something to sell, a service to offer, or are recruiting for an open position, BossContact is an invaluable tool for your business needs.

Is BossContact legal?

Yes. BossContact uses only professional data in its base, such as business email, business phone and job title of company employees. That is, the same information that appears on a business card. In addition, if at any time a professional wishes to remove their information from the BossContact database, they can do so by contacting us or clicking on this link.

And is adding a contact on BossContact legal?

Yes, it is totally legal, when a member of the community adds a contact on the platform, that contact receives an invitation to register with BossContact and be part of the community. If the invitation is accepted, he will only need to register on the platform and become a member of the community. However, if he chooses not to accept the invitation, his information is automatically removed from the platform.

What kind of information can I find at BossContact?

BossContact contains user, contact and company generated information.
Each contact in the BossContact database has:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Business email
  • Phone number (some contacts contain the direct business phone, while others contain the phone of the company in which they operate)
  • Address

In addition to contact information, BossContact provides free, transferable company information, dedicated business search tools, and user-generated informational pages. These tools help you understand the structure, organization, and contacts registered at each company.

How do I get the contacts I need? Do I need to pay for them?

Accessing contacts requires points, which is your BossContact currency, in exchange for each new contact added or update to an existing contact, you will earn points. Each point purchased can be exchanged for a full contact containing email and telephone information to contact you.
You can get contacts in 2 ways:
  • Free: "Give one. Take one.", that is, by entering a contact in the BossContact directory, you will earn a point to acquire another contact you wish;
  • Pay : If you do not wish to contribute contacts, you may purchase a Points Package. Click here and learn about Point Packages.
Whichever form you choose, you will receive two free contacts when you sign up for BossContact just as a welcome gift to become a member!

What are the points? How to get them?

Points are equivalent to contacts you may purchase: 1 POINT = 1 CONTACT.
Earn points by adding or updating contacts and companies. Click here and learn more about the Point Rules.

Who uses BossContact?

Anyone with something to sell, some business service, or someone to recruit needs BossContact! From individual users to large businesses, including recruiters, marketers, salespeople, researchers, job seekers, and small business owners.

Why use BossContact?

From sales to recruitment, BossContact can help you maximize your time and minimize your effort by helping you generate new leads, better target your audience, and bypass gatekeepers.
If you need some new contacts every week or hundreds a month, BossContact has to help you. That's why hundreds of users from the most diverse corporations have signed up and used BossContact every day for their sales, marketing and recruitment needs.

What makes BossContact unique?

BossContact's innovative crowdsourcing platform builds on the usefulness of business cards and address books while leveraging the collaborative power of the web.
Our thousands of members have made BossContact a complete and up-to-date business contact database.

What are the main uses of the BossContact Data Directory?

  • Close new deals
  • Professional connections
  • Sell products or services
  • Buy products or services
  • Prospecting customers
  • Dissemination and research marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Be found by the biggest headhunters on the market
  • Job search (find the hiring manager instead of sending your resume to a general company email)
  • Troubleshooting support with a product or service

Where does BossContact's recipe come from?

BossContact offers the sale of point packages that are exchanged for contacts from the BossContact directory. Acquired revenue is used to continually improve data directories, third-party tool monthly fees used to verify and validate the information contained in the base, creation and implementation of security technologies, as well as robust server operating costs and database software that maintain the integrity, availability, and information search performance in BossContact's Business and Contact Directories.


Why should I sign up and start using BossContact?

If you are not already a BossContact user, you may be missing out on valuable business and professional opportunities. Remember that thousands of sales, marketing, recruiters and many more use BossContact every day looking for new business!

When signing up for BossContact, will my data be displayed in contact searches?

No! Registration only creates a user account on the platform, which will allow you to log in to BossContact and use points to exchange for contacts.
If you would like your contact to appear in the contact directory, after registration, simply fill in your professional profile.

How is my registration information used?

For a free account, the only information required to register with BossContact is your name, email address and password to access the platform. BossContact does not share, sell, rent or trade your information with third parties for promotional purposes.

BossContact Directory

Why would anyone add contacts on BossContact?

BossContact is proof of the old saying: "One person's trash is another person's treasure." Most members have business cards and contacts that are of little value to them. They add these contacts at BossContact to earn points and then exchange those points for contacts relevant to them.

Why should I contribute contacts?

The more you contribute, the more points you earn and the more new contacts you can access! If you are looking for leads, whatever your need, you can access them by earning points for contributing or updating contact information for professionals you know. Also, when you add a new contact or make a major update to a contact, you are considered the administrator of that contact and can export your information to an Excel spreadsheet at any time.

Will the contacts I contribute to find out who contributed them?

No. When you add contacts to the database, they will receive a notification of inclusion, but will not know who added them. You are also given a unique and random username to protect your privacy. Although this username is listed in the contact records you add and update, there is no correlation with your real name or the email address associated with your account. You can also choose to edit this username at any time. We recommend choosing a username that does not include your real name to maintain your privacy.

What type of contact information will I receive?

You will receive complete and up-to-date contact information, including full name, title, company, business email, phone number, and full address.

What if the data is bad?

Most of the contacts in the BossContact database are accurate and up to date. This is due to our dedicated users who benefit from each other's collaboration in adding and editing contact information. If you come across a bad contact, just update it and you will get points for acquiring new contacts.

What if the contact is false and nonexistent?

Anyone who adds it will get a points penalty. This penalty prevents inaccurate or outdated presentation and promotes a system with solid and accurate information in which members intend to add their best contacts to avoid being penalized and damaging their reputation. All data submissions are actively handled through BossContact patent technologies.

How is this data constructed and maintained?

By the BossContact community that has been growing day by day. The BossContact community responds quickly to changes and additions to contact and company data, making BossContact information accurate and up to date. Everyone brings important information to collaboratively build and maintain the database.

Platform Operation

How can I add my contacts?

Simply sign up for free on our site, by doing so you will already be a member of BossContact and you will be able to add and update contacts and earn points to acquire other contacts relevant to your business.
You can add one contact at a time or add multiple contacts at once by submitting a spreadsheet containing the requested information on our Contact Addition page.

How can I invite my contacts to connect at BossContact?

Just register for free on our site and later you can import your contacts directly from your Gmail or Yahoo email, and you can enter individual emails.
Regardless of the way you use it, your contacts will receive an invitation email to connect to BossContact, accepting the invitation will earn you points and will be able to acquire new contacts relevant to your business.

Can I import the data into my CRM?

Yes. Contacts can be exported from our database to Excel and from then on, they can easily be imported into any CRM that supports importing Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.

Why can I only download 50,000 records at one time?

Limiting the number of records available in a download prevents our systems from becoming overloaded. You can download as many groups of 50,000 records as needed.

How can I add or update my business information?

Once you become a member of BossContact, you can update or add company information.

Some of the data is wrong, what do I do?

Correct and earn BossContact points and exchange for contacts relevant to you. This is what makes BossContact a qualified and collaborative database for everyone.


Join now yourself and be part of the world's largest community of professionals!


Boss Contact is the largest database of professionals and companies with complete information for customer prospecting and lead generation.

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