How it works

Boss Contact is a totally free B2B shared contact platform. Each contact has a variety of information such as First Name, Last Name, Title, Current Company, Address, Email, and Phone.
To view contact information you need to acquire points, where 1 point = 1 contact.
Check out how to use Boss Contact and start prospecting new customers right now!

1 - Sign Up

Make a totally free registration on our website via the link below:


By registering you will already earn 10 points, so you will be able to get 10 contacts.

2 - Earn points

Viewing contact information requires points.
Point information is displayed at the top right of your user screen.
There are 2 ways to earn points:

1 - Free Form - Earn points by adding contacts, updating contacts, or inviting contacts to join Boss Contact (see Point Rules)
2 - Paid Form - By purchasing a points package (see Points Package)

3 - Find the desired contacts

Use the filters to find all desired contacts, you can search by name, title, company, location and various other filters of your choice.
After searching, click on the desired contact name to be redirected to the contact page.

4 - View contact information

To view the contact's Email and Phone information, click on the "View Email and Phone" button.
The information will be displayed immediately and will automatically be deducted 1 point from your total score.

5 - Export contacts to Excel

You can export the desired contacts at any time to an Excel spreadsheet.
To do this, select all desired contacts and click the "Export" button.

Boss Contact is a shared information base, all added or updated contacts are continuously verified and validated.
If you have any questions, please click here and view the most frequently asked questions from Boss Contact users.

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Boss Contact is the largest database of professionals and companies with complete information for customer prospecting and lead generation.

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