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Privacy Terms Version 1.0, effective since 02/05/2019.

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of BOSSCONTACT, a business contact sharing platform.

We are transparent! We have prepared this document especially so that you, the USER, may become aware of how we take care of your personal data included on our site and your rights in relation to it.

You should read it carefully before accepting the terms and conditions, consenting to the processing of your data. We are available to answer all your questions at our email .


1. Glossary  

2. Who is

2.1. BOSSCONTACT.COM is a service provided by the company R Sauerbier Muhlbeier Information Technology.

2.2. We are a completely free B2B platform for business (business or professional) contacts, specifically designed to foster business generation.

2.3. The USER may enter his professional data in our platform so that other users can contact him to propose the conduct of business.

3. What personal data is collected by the site?

3.1. Simply accessing is not able to collect personal data of any kind from the USER.

3.2. Through the “Register” registration form available at, the USER will allow BOSSCONTACT.COM to collect and process personal data such as name, email and profession in order to allow you to access and use the system, without making your personal data available to other users.

3.3. By submitting the “Complete Your Profile” form containing your business card information, the USER will allow BOSSCONTACT.COM to process user-entered data: first name, last name, company, business address, email, business phone, as appropriate. Terms of use;

3.4. In addition to the data mentioned in clause 3.2, the system will also automatically collect IP address data and session cookies from the system itself and Google Analitics cookies [1].

4. Collection of Financial Data

4.1. If you wish to purchase points for use of the system, as stipulated in the Terms of Use, you must purchase through Paypal, and therefore you must also agree to its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available in your site.

4.2. BOSSCONTACT.COM does not collect or process financial data, but only receives information from the financial intermediary about the payment made.

5. What is the purpose of collecting my personal data?

5.1. BOSSCONTACT.COM may use your personal information collected in accordance with this Policy for the following purposes:

  1. For the provision of services by BOSSCONTACT.COM, as provided in clause 1, ie, display them in consultations made by other users for the sole purpose of making professional contacts in an individualized and non-mass manner. Pursuant to our Terms of Use, you are prohibited from using the information registered on our site to send mass email messages, to promote marketing, to send spam, or to practice any civil or criminal offense;
  2. Learn about who the users are and promote the services;
  3. Contact USERS via the email or phone number provided;
  4. Inform about news, features, content and news of relevant events;
  5. Analyze your information unidentifiable and for statistical purposes or for studies, research and behavior;
  6. Improve our content and services to enhance your experience on our site;
  7. Defend interests in judicial or administrative proceedings;
  8. Comply with court order or administrative request;
  9. To fulfill a legal or regulatory obligation;

6. To whom is my personal data disclosed?

6.1. As provided in our Terms of Use and item 4.1 of this Privacy Policy, personal data registered from the “Complete Your Profile” form containing your business card information will be available for consultation by other registered USERS.

6.2. Personal data registered from the "Register" form will not be disclosed to third parties.

6.3. Your data will also be passed, by law, to the Judiciary, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is a request or court order, or automatically, in case of corporate movements of the legal entity that administers BOSSCONTACT.COM , such as merger, acquisition and incorporation.

6.4. BOSSCONTACT.COM will use its database only for the specific purposes established and within the purposes of its activities. Internally, the data of the USERS will be accessed by duly authorized professionals, always respecting the principles of purpose, suitability and necessity to perform our services.

7. What are my rights as a holder of personal data?

Under the terms of the Internet Civil Framework, the USER has the right to Access, Rectify, Cancel, Portability and Oppose processing of his data, and may do so by requesting .

8. Data storage, registration and information security  

8.1. BOSSCONTACT.COM may store your access log information in accordance with legal provisions, in particular the Internet Civil Framework.

8.2. The collected data may be stored on BOSSCONTACT.COM's own servers located in the United States, as well as through environment and servers in the cloud (cloud computing).

8.3. BOSSCONTACT.COM is aware of the importance of your personal information and therefore employs security systems and internal procedures to protect it. However, considering that no system is infallible, BOSSCONTACT.COM disclaims any liability for any damages and / or losses resulting from failures, viruses or intrusions into our database, except in cases where it is willful or faulty.

9. What if the terms of this contract change?

9.1. In the event of a significant change to the Privacy Policy, the USER will be notified by email to read and agree to the new terms.

10. Contact Us

For more information or to make suggestions about our privacy policy, please email us at


[1] See more information at

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